Marriage Advice from Long Ago Still Valid Today

Marriage Advice from Long Ago Still Valid Today.

Let’s all agree on one thing:  Marriage has been around a long time.  Back when Jesus walked the planet and way before then. There have always been couples that got together, got married, and then had babies.  Many stayed together cause it was easy back then. The internet and advertising wasn’t around to keeping people distracted with other ‘options’ or the lure than they could be happier if….

And well…people were just more commited back then.

Funny thing is…if you look hard and long enough you can even find ADVICE from back then!!  Cause that’s why I’m writing this!

Back when wives were meant to stay home…cook…clean…be still and not have opinions or goals.  Personally I can’t imagine life like that but then again, if that was all I knew, that would be how I lived.

Like North Korea.  What do they all know about the current culture of the world. NADA. Nothing.  It’s what you are exposed to.

Below are some funny clips/advice I found about “behaving” and being a good wife.  Haha!  In case you needed help in your goal of being a wife!  Ha.  Be aware, it’s funny to read.  I am also sure many of you will read this advice and get mad.

But I’m going to ask you not to get mad.  It is what it is…well, what it WAS…and all of it has little or nothing to do with who you are right now.

So just read it with an open mind, a mind that is glad to know you didn’t live back then! And then have a laugh, let it go, or use it to change something in your life.

Please, no hate mail.  No judging.  Meaning no judging me for posting it.

I only do so to bring you information. That’s it.  My feelings on the below are pure amusement!  I think they are odd, silly and a bit of a reminder of our past history as married women.

If you found any clips, send them to me!!  I will add them here!

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