Marriage Success Story #118; Casey & Monica – When a Wife Makes More

Marriage Success Story #118; Casey and Monica – When a Wife Makes More Money… Casey knew his wife was special.  But he didn’t know how special she was until it was almost too late. From the moment they were married, he focused on fun and play, while his wife, Monica focused on the bread.  The prize.  Work. Success. Work.  Success. Her actions paid off.  She won.  She became the leader in her industry and her business was making more money per year than he made in his whole life. wife makes more moneyCasey watched his wife leave him in the dust.  And a man left behind with an ego is a man waiting to pack and leave. But he didn’t leave physically, he left mentally.  With women. So many women.  They all thought he was a Superhero.  A hot, sexy, wonderful, kind man.  While his wife?  She was too busy with her career to even notice his muscles were the biggest, tightest they’d ever been.  She was too busy to notice he was on his phone, texting with random women while they were at dinner.  She was just too busy to notice him. He struggled to find answers to his dilemma but nothing was sitting well with him… Until…Casey had reached his limit. He was done. One day he woke up and made a fateful decision. He woke up one morning a new man.  He made a decision that he didn’t want another woman, he wanted the girl he married.  And he was going to do everything he could to make it better.  Cause of all the things he’d done prior, just loving his wife 100% was one thing he hadn’t tried.
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He’d spent so many years battling her.  Now he was going to fight FOR her.  He was going to fight FOR their marriage. He could have left his wife for any of the other girls, but Casey knew there were things about his wife that he really loved.  And he knew he was smart enough not to let his ego get in his way of leaving a good woman to save him from some messy embarrassing life changes. So he went to his wife and told her, “We have to stop and change our relationship…NOW.” Notice he didn’t go to his wife and say, “We have to stop and change our relationship OR ELSE I’M GOING TO….blah blah blah….” Nope. He took a risk and spoke to his wife as if he knew that “getting out of the marriage” wasn’t an option for his wife either. He calmly went to Monica and slowed her down long enough so that he could share with her that 1) he loved and 2) he wanted things to be better with them. Also, notice, instead of listing a pile of complaints where her only option was to defend herself, Casey was pro-active and went to his wife with a few strategies that he wanted to set into place so that all she had to do with say yes instead of answer him back with stress and turmoil. Casey told his wife that he missed her and that he wanted to see her more and that they were going to have a set date night as well as set AM and PM meetings -where they could stay in better communication and connection.  Monica didn’t bat an eye.  She just sighed and said, “YES!!  Great!  Okay!” Casey laid the groundwork and together they made sure they both hit their marks. And wouldn’t you know…  It worked! Today, 16 years later, they have 4 children and both of them have flourishing careers. They both credit Casey’s pro active actions to get them out of that difficult time. Looking back Monica was sure they were headed for divorce.  “It felt like we were both going in two different directions…” She added, “But really we weren’t.  Casey was stressed while his job was changing and mine life was just booming.  It would have been so easy to crash and burn the marriage, but instead, Casey didn’t look for reasons to get out, he looked for solutions to stay in.  I can’t thank him enough.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.” Casey wiped his eyes and said, “I love all my kids, but that is my proudest moment.  I wouldn’t even have all these kids if we didn’t do what we did back then…” How is your marriage going?  Are you constantly looking for the bad in your marriage to make a list of reasons as to why you must leave?  Or are you looking for reasons and solutions to how you can make it work so that you can stay? If you’ve been married for more than 5 years, and have children…do your best to push your mind into playing the tape in your brain that plays the GOOD, not the bad.  And instead of finding reasons to go… find SOLUTIONS…to make not only stay…but make it better. It only takes ONE person to change the direction of a marriage. Why not you…?  Be the change you want in your world.  You CAN!! Click to buy: “More Than Money: True Stories of People Who Learned Life’s Ultimate Lesson”      

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