Midlife Crisis Help Videos

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Dealing with the reality of a husband leaving is so raw and awful that I have dedicated my life to helping people like you.

So I created over 140 videos that teach you how to understand this mess, and tell you exactly what to do, how to do it, how to feel, what to say and even what to think.

It’s what you need to get through this.

The Idea!

The video idea came about from this lovely woman I coached for over a year till she asked me one day, “Laurie…I love talking to you…and you have helped me so much, however I feel like we keep talking about the same thing.”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “What is going on…why do we keep talking about the same thing??”

I laughed and said, “Because this is a new language I’m teaching you. It takes practice.”

She said, “Oh…I know…can you help me? Will you just record what you just told me and I’ll listen to it 10 times a day?”

I said I would…and we hung up.

Later…I had a thought, why just make one for her? Why not make a whole bunch about many topics I know and share often in calls.


Then I took a week and created 15 videos. And for those who have been with me over a long time, I have continued to add more and more videos. At the time of this very post – there are over 140 videos! And I hear such positive comments from so many wives. Some I never talk to that email me and tell me it’s working and their husband is changing and/or came back.

It’s funny. I have had 2 wives in the past 6 months that cancelled the videos because their hubby came home, only to come back to the videos because they started to pick up the old habits they thought they got rid of!


What I teach works. What I teach isn’t for today or just for the hubby. It’s a lifetime of skills you will have in your back pocket – forever!

I hope you enjoy them. And I hope you reach out to me to share with me anything you need more of that I haven’t covered.

I’m still creating more videos too! So once you are a part of the membership – you will get the new ones to your email.

Why are they private?

I know other authors/MLC wife survivors who have shared their story, published their books and they have gotten divorced.

Scares the crap out of me. Because I do not want to expose my true lessons to the wrong people. And I don’t want them hearing my personal stories or knowing what I know. So if you are serious – join. If you aren’t serious….you don’t care…and won’t join.

I’m a coach, and your biggest advocate!

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