Midlife Crisis Success Story From Melody

When I was where you are (in Midlife Crisis Wife Hell) I begged random people to tell me any Midlife Crisis Success Story that would give me hope during such a horrid time of struggle. Surely there were people on this planet that figured out the Midlife Crisis struggle and had their spouse return? Where were they? On the internet? I searched! At church? I searched! Target? I interrogated many strangers! (haha) I was not willing to let my family implode. I know you know what I mean….

So when a wife I coach has her husband return home, besides doing a happy dance, I immediately ask when she is ready, to please write a testimonial! Of course everyone always kindly says, “Yes, Laurie, of course! I will get that done!”

And today one showed up AND agreed to let me post it!  Yah! Thank you  Melody!

Here is what she says:


Hi Laurie,

Things are going solidly amazing with John and I. Apparently it is darkest before the dawn, and I feel SO GRATEFUL for your support during my darkest hours.

Here is my testimonial for you!

To put it simply….if you have found Laurie and you want to save your marriage: Do what she says! Follow her advise! Watch her videos! Implement her tools!


When I found Laurie, my 17 year marriage had collapsed, and my husband was MIA. I knew I wanted to save my marriage, but I didn’t have friends or family who could give me the wisdom I knew I needed If I had continued to listen to those around me, our marriage and family (we have 2 teenagers) wouldn’t have survived.

Laurie was there for me in CRITICAL moments when I needed her most.

Her call and texting services were absolutely integral to my sanity (and sucess) on those difficult days where I wanted to give up and revert back to old habits (complaining, questioning, begging, crying, yelling).

But I didn’t.
I did what she said.
I followed her advise and ‘stayed straight.’

On the rare moments he was nearby, I was friendly, kind, and grateful, and tried my best to ignore what he was or was not doing. I found my happiness and self respect again, despite incredibly difficult circumstances. I did this for months on end, and even though I certainly had rough moments and days, it got easier to stay focused on my life and happiness. I truly realized that no matter what, I would be ok. (but deep down I knew our marriage would come back stronger and better).

And guess what? My husband and I have reconciled. Our marriage IS better than EVER: healthy, loving, intimate, respectful, safe, and built on trust and gratitude. In hindsight, I see that this dark journey was necessary for us both. We are now on our 2nd marriage, but with the same person.

My husband thanks me everyday for getting us here, and I thank Laurie for helping me find my way. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude to Laurie.

She is the voice of wisdom and sanity during a time of crisis and insanity.

Listen to her!

Melody – CA

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