MidLife Crisis Success Story Husband Returns

Yah!  How He Came Back!

This is for all the people searching for a success story after working so hard to bring a husband home.  Also, this brings hope to the reasons why we stand for a marriage when someone bails.  I too searched for “success stories of marriage that split” and there are so few.

So below IS one!  I post them as I get them so please subscribe!!

Let’s be clear: The Brave individuals who stand tall through the sh*t thrown at them during a spouse’s midlife crisis, are my hero’s!!

When it happened to me, I made it though my husband’s midlife crisis aka mind-blowing mess begging God for help and guidance to please help me bring my husband home to our family.  It worked and because it worked, I kept my promise to God to quit my job and work to be the advocate any woman or man needs during their time of ‘hell on earth.” 

And it’s tough.  Being a coach to women and men crippled by a spouses casual, “I love you but I’m not in love with you” is beyond torturous.  But it’s doable. And there are ways out and this is what I teach.  

I’m not famous. I’m not a big promoter, however if you are fortunate to find me, you are in GREAT hands.  I’m a little secret.  And I plan on staying this way so people who need me will find me and use me to keep their families together and thriving!

Quite often I get people emailing me from around the world (people I’ve never met or spoken with) who have been on my video program that say, “thank you. Your program saved my life” or “He’s home…thank you for all your help.”
I’m so grateful for the quick note, but I LOVE details!!!  TELL ME MORE!!!
I want to share it with all my followers!!  Help me share hope!!!  ❤️❤️
Yesterday, I got a good one worth posting here.
It made me stand up and cheer!!  I literally run into my husband and read it to him out loud. I cried as I read it.  Like sobbed at the end.  
The pain and joy you feel are right at my heart.  I share it all with you and I walk with you here.
Hi Laurie!
It’s been a while I know! I’m getting emotional typing this to you because well it still seems unreal that my Husband is HOME! I wanted you to have another success story to share and to validate all the hard work you are doing to save marriages. It’s been an incredible journey, one I wish on no one, but at the same time am incredibly grateful for because I found my worth! While I had some of the worst days of my life I also had some of the most joyful! I grew-in my relationship with Christ. I got fit. I overcame my anxiety and codependence. I had fun! I traveled the world! I took lots of pictures!!!!!!
It was 29 months from when he first told me he wanted a divorce, 20 months since he moved out and I found out about the affair, and 14 months since the affair ended. You suggested my date for him coming home would be 8/2022. At the time I thought NO FU*KING way can I make it to then, I tried to make it first to 8/2021. Then I would set more dates for some change to happen, and to keep me going. But I always had my eye set on the future and the 8/2022. Last month he decided to move home!!!!!! He is here! We still have healing to do but already we have a better marriage than before. Thank you thank you thank you for giving me the encouragement to keep fighting, through your wisdom and honesty! Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t! 
Much love
Ashley B-
In My Grateful Book on page 69 is the empty line that says “DATE COMING HOME!”
Get the book and fill that in the date (call me if you need help picking one – I’m pretty good!  TheWifeExpert@gmail.com.
Stare at the date and SEE the date as The date he’s coming home.  BELIEVE he is coming home.  See his smile, his body back in bed and note how you FEEL when he is in your home happy with you again.
But you need to be happy first!!  If you are still angry or bitter…eeek….let’s get you out of that spot.  Do not let his actions, his sh*t hurt you so that it creates this anger in you that will make you ugly.  Do not do that to yourself.
I’m here!
Set up a Discovery Call with me and let’s bring your husband or wife home!


Dear Laurie,
I have now registered as a member of your programme (yearly pass), as you know, and have watched quite a number of videos already (and part of a coaching class). They help! They are extremely practical, to the point, funny (I can see you were a comedian), entertaining and effective!
For me your approach has meant a confirmation of something that has been in my mind since I asked my husband to leave (7 1/2 months ago). The part where I felt I didn’t want to give up on him (even when there is a Horseface) but most people (except for two good friends) kept on telling me I should move on and let him go, because he had badly hurt me (my ego). But… after 31 years together (29 married) and three kids (who are now 27, 22 and 21) he was too much inside me and I couldn’t let him go. However, it was so painful…
So what your videos have meant is affirming myself in ‘I was not so mistaken’ after all and he’s not being himself at the moment, so I cannot judge him in a normal way, cause there is an impostor inside him so to speak. Also, importantly, learn to be loving to him even when I was terribly hurt, and forget my ego!
Just by having read your articles and materials and watching several videos on your web, I have recovered part of my joy and meaning in this process. And now I know what I am doing, where I am going. I have a purpose.
Yesterday I met him (only for the 5th time after he left) on my request and, for the first time, I had a permanent smile in my face and tried to be as loving and understanding (forgetting everything he has done and said, as you advise) as I could — it was a world of difference! This morning he texted me to say: ‘Thank you for yesterday. We had a pleasant evening.’ I know there’s still a looong way to go… of course… but it seems this is a change, or the start of something different…
My discovery of you and your coaching programme has come at the right time, it seems to me, when we both are in a different phase after a separation of more than half year and have had some time to reflect. So, a gift to me from life (or God) just when I was (and perhaps he is too — still to be seen) prepared for this something new.
God Bless,
-E (spain)

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