Midlife Crisis Witness Shares Her Story

I talk to you wonderful amazing woman daily and I can’t tell you how much I am honored to be of service to you on your rollercoaster journey with your husband.

I recently had a couple of women/wives share with me things they have written and I wanted to share this with you now….

Below is from a wife, who is the sweetest woman. None of you deserve any of this that is happening to you and I share your pain.

I know you are reading this and completely understand what she is thinking and feeling right?

Because it’s the SAME THING FOR ALL OF YOU!!

It’s not a myth! This midlife crisis is REAL. I’m proof. You are proof. But to be honest…it’s not the fact that it is a midlife crisis or a lunatic pathological binge. What matters is what YOU do now. How YOU react and what you do with your life and family while your husband is AWOL.

Below is from another wife. A beautiful preschool teacher who has a husband who says he is leaving her and is done with her and yet continues to treat her with kindness.

Below is what she emailed me one Sunday morning and it was so strong and poignant….I had to share:

I haven’t slept. Waiting for the morning so I can embrace my priest. 
He was outside cleaning up the church yard when I got there. 

I sat and listened to his disappointment with his congregation: He says they say one thing and yet they do another. 
Too many people are following false beliefs instead of strengthening their faith in God.  I listened. I was feeling I was losing my faith too but I needed him to pull me back in.  Faith should stay solid, especially when it’s tested. 
We talked about me.
He made observations as you have about my husband and of his past relationships with previous 2 marriages and possibly he never developed a mature sense to value his wives. 
I love my husband Laurie.
I really do.
Then…I came back home to find he made me coffee and served it to me. 
I said very little. 

I know how special I am. I am special. I’VE ALWAYS KNOWN I’M SPECIAL..
I knew I wasn’t like everyone else.
I had my parents wanting me to be like everyone else but I knew inside I wasn’t. 
 I said, “I know you don’t know what to do with me, I’m not like anyone you’ve met, believe me when I say, you can’t and won’t find anyone better than me.”
I left it at that and made him breakfast 

I love this excerpt of her Sunday morning. Love it. Because it shows how up and down a tiny morning feels. How she struggles with him and then believing she IS in fact a wonderful special woman! Do not ever believe anything else!!!

One more….just for fun…this was from another wife who I love as much as you all. Her husband got a tattoo….and she is just learning about it.

Tattoo? In FRENCH across his big pasty chest.(4xl)  the translation is “Finish with butter”! Yes he was a chef but last I checked I wasn’t married to a biscuit. WTF this nightmare is too much.

If I am honest…sometimes I have to laugh. This email made me laugh. Husbands do crazy things during this time…none of it is anything you can control. Just sit back and watch and breathe. Time will make the husband you once knew return. Patience helps big time. A good TV series on Netflix and a couple of dear supportive friends help too!

Stay strong. Stay straight. Do not let your husband or anyone who doesn’t share your vision knock you off track. You know what you want. It’s a path you have chosen. Stay on it. I’m here. If you love him, it is worth it.

Do not forget how amazing you are.

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