Mothers and Wives Are Thankless Jobs

“2 weeks after my first baby was born, I knew I had to go back to work or I’d lose my mind,” said Jackie, mother of three. 

Waiting for the movie to start, I almost choked on my popcorn. A tiny kid had just run by, followed by a mother chasing him. Jackie’s comment after that scene was one that make like so so funny.

While some of us choose to stay at home and give up our careers there are other women, who can’t do it.  

Who is better prepared for a husband to leave the family?  

The one making her own dough has skills and money to know she will survive the money part.  Yet the one who doesn’t have the money, knows she will survive the mental part.

Both suck.

For the stay at home mom, regrets fly in that maybe she should have had a career so that her life will have meant something?  So that she would have her own money that she had control over?  And maybe doing work out there in the world would mean that her children would respect her?  Find value in what she is doing?

For the working mom regrets the time she lost working so long and hard.  She missed games and functions and kid time that is now lost forever. Maybe if she stayed home she’s know her kids a lot more so that she could connect to them during this horrid time?  Maybe if she stayed home she’d have more female friends to support her in this time of crisis.

Both suck.

In those moments after a husband leaves and regrets mix in with sadness and frustration, the last thing we need to do is start regretting our past.

Why? There is NOTHING we can do.

We can not change the past.  However, we CAN learn from what we did or didn’t do and than be able to share our “created wheel” with kids and co-workers or in writing in a journal  (My Grateful Book is perfect! Click here to get!) so they learn from ou choices and stories!

There is no greater gift in this world that having and raising kids. And it’s one people put little value on. Whether you stay home or work through it all, it’s still a gift.

Regretting our choices only wastes the precious time we have right now to DO what we know we need to do to get what we want in our lives.

I will never regret staying home with my kids.  It was a 24/7 job, 7 days a week.  Of course there were days when I wanted to just “be alone” and when I got a precious  hour or 2 or 4, I’d savor it as if they let me out of jail.

When you work, you get weekends off and nights off.  But if you have kids, you go from work to caring for children. You still work 24/7, 7 days a week only it’s changing a bit and while that break can be nice….the fact that you aren’t doing that one thing 24/7 means you are constantly shifting into different roles and that in itself has it’s own challenges.

Yesterday I saw a video that I can’t stop watching.  I’ve must have seen it 100 times. over and over. My eyes keep watching it repeat.  And the work this poor mama bear does over and over is comical but so so true of moms today.

Being a Mother is Not Easy


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