Midlife Crisis Man Is Full of Regret Leaving Wife

The Midlife Crisis Regret Story is below….

This link to this Midlife Crisis story is about a man who cheated and lives with regret. I don’t know this person. I don’t even follow this site…but I do like this story for what it is. Information on a real person. On a real story. Daily I work with wives searching for any bit of hope to continue to stand…and I do hope this offers hope.

‘Don’t be me and live with regret’: A Man’s letter to Other Men Tempted to Cheat.

When my husband was in MLC, for 2 straight years I was obsessed with finding anyone who would talk to me about the advice they may have from any story of MLC. I’d talk to friends’ parents, their friends, and quite often, random strangers. Anyone I could talk with, I would. To say I’d talk to people in line at a grocery store and discover their life story and life regrets in a matter of 4.3 minutes is an understatement.

Barbara Walters, I got you.

I was better. I could get anyone to talk to me. And tell me things they never shared with anyone before. Even the people who brought me to the person willing to share with me would often share me later, “I didn’t know any of that….thank you….”

Everyone has a story…and many of these stories help others.

A peek into the life of a man who did what many men have done…and still do.

sad midlife crisis man

Stories like these bring us insight into a future reality we do not want for our family…and somehow…this story…this understanding…brings us hope.

To not give up and work harder to stay straight!



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