TRAVEL with Me!


Sometimes You Need An Adventure
to Wipe Clean
The Bull & Bitterness In Your Life!


I have a dear friend who makes little money and travels all over the world!  
She makes me laugh sending photos to me from random places when I just saw her the day before!

I ask, “Julie..How do you do that?  How do you get to travel so much?”  
Julie says, “I book the ticket Laurie!!”

She’s a funny British woman with an accent that I must record and add on here!  She is lovely and BRILLIANT!!  She’s a nurse at a hospital and lives to spread her wings and fly  – specially because nursing is tough and traveling helps her shift her perspective on the world!

That’s what I want for you!  
Shift that mindset!  
Shift that perspective so you can see:

You ARE of value!!  
You are amazing!! You are perfectly Imperfect
& worthy of fun & love & adventure!!  
No matter what happens with your 

The goal is to get him home, in the meantime….


Get Ready to…
Connect with others just like you!
Relax, Learn, Laugh! 

I will have 2 trips next year!!
Still picking…
Cancun, Dominican Republic and/or Vegas & Northeast Mystery!


I will Keep you posted!!
The video of my recent trip with wives will be up here soon!!!
For now – here are a couple photos!