TRAVEL with Me!  😎 




TRIP #2!!! 
This one is first!! 
This one is in April in CA –
no group classes – just ONE BIG DAY out and about exploring!

And two nights of fun! Pure fun!!! 
IF YOU LIVE IN or near CA – come!!!



Limbo can be Fun!
Take An Adventure! 
Let’s crush fear with Laughter and Joy!


My dear friend, who isn’t wealthy, sends photos to me from random places when I just saw her the day before!

I asked her, “Julie..How do you do that?  How do you get to travel so much?”  
Julie says, “I book the ticket Laurie!!”

When there is an opportunity, she BOOKS the ticket. She doesn’t worry about how. She just books it because she knows it’s something she wants to do!

She’s a funny British woman with an accent that I must record and add on here!  She is lovely and BRILLIANT!!  She’s a nurse at a hospital and lives to spread her wings and fly  – specially because nursing is tough and traveling helps her shift her perspective on the world!

That’s what I want for you!  
Shift that mindset!  
Shift that perspective so you can see:

You ARE of value!!  
You are amazing!!
You are perfectly Imperfect
& worthy of fun & love & adventure!!  
husband will figure this out!!

So let’s have some fun and celebrate Limbo! 

The goal is to get him home, in the meantime….


Get Ready to…
Connect with others just like you!
Relax, Learn, Laugh! 

I will have 2 trips next year!!
Still picking…
Cancun, Dominican Republic and/or Vegas & Northeast Mystery!


I will Keep you posted!!
The video of my recent trip with wives will be up here soon!!!
For now – here are a couple photos!