#1 Secret to Successful Marriage Travel Together.

Did you know…the #1 Secret to a Successful Marriage is Travel together?

The U.S. Travel Association, in 2012, conducted a study to understand if, and to what extent, leisure travel strengthened relationships between romantic partners. Edge Research conducted the probability.  Here is what they discovered to a successful marriage:

  1. Couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships (successful marriage) compared to those who do not.
  2. Couples in a romantic relationships report traveling together makes their relationships happier, communication better, more romance, better sex and a feeling of more quality time and sharing of common goals and desires.
  3. Couples feel more satisfied in their relationships in general and felt they had a successful marriage.
  4. Couples rate their relationship high.
  5. Couples who travel together are more likely to say that they share similar goals and desires.
  6. Couples feel they both have a good balance of time together and apart.
  7. Couples feel they agree more on how to spend their money.
  8. Couples feel they laugh and have fun together
  9. Couple feel they handle differences better.
  10. Couples feel that their partner is patient and that they are best friends.

successful marriageThree key summations emerging from the study:

1) Travel has long-term benefits for couples.
2) Travel helps build, maintain and strengthen relationships.
3) Travel ignites romance and intimacy.

Bottom line: Relationships last longer among couples who travel together, and divorce rates are higher among couples who do not travel together.

Laurie’s Bottom line: If you are married and want things to go well and last…travel with your partner.  Get out of your crap at home at least 4 times a year ALONE with your partner.  If you have kids, bring the in-laws over, hire a nanny, ask kids friends parents to watch your kids (and you will do the same for them)…just figure it out.  Find a way.  If traveling together means you will have a successful marriage, why not do it?  There is a will…there is a way. But don’t wait…don’t do nothing….cause it will catch up and you will feel the results of not spending time together!!

To view the full article and statistics: https://www.ustravel.org/sites/default/files/media_root/5.2015_Relationship_ExecSummary.pdf

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