southwest airlinesSouthwest airlines is the best for a girls weekend getaway.


10 reasons:

  1. The flight attendants are cool and dress like normal people.
  2. Flight plans are not complicated.
  3. Prices are decent.
  4. Their loyalty program is the bomb.
  5. Guests on their airline are not only loyal but happy.
  6. No first class – we are all one!
  7. Their Southwest credit card has value point that WORK.
  8. They take care of their employees…if you work for them, they have fantastic parties.
  9. If they screw up they fix it or apologize.
  10. If you show up early to get on another flight – if there is room, they get you a ticket! DAH! What part of this is complicated?? Best part – they fill seats and you get on early!! Why other airlines want to charge you to help free up later in the day seat is crazy.

southwest airlinesI love southwest airlines. Every flight I’ve ever taken, people are just happy. Guests and workers.

So if life isn’t going well right now…why get on a flight with angry flight attendants or guests who are crabby.

Stick with Southwest – go A game!