Success Story of Wife Being Busy After Husband Left Her

Today I spoke with a woman I’ve been working with(we will call her Kris) for over a year.

She’s smart, sassy and in love with her younger husband of 15 years!Yet her MLC husband choose to bail on his wife and child not once but twice.This last time Kris decided to face this “abandonment” feeling in a new way!

He walked out the 2nd time in November 2020 and by January 2021 Kris, who lives in Georgia, decided to starting a Hiking routine with a friend.On the hike her friend suggested she join a facebook group called “KAYAK Georgia.”

As she says, that day changed her year!  

Changed her life!

I found out about all of this because she started our conversation today that she had just got back from swimming with the manatees in Florida….as she spoke I was stuck….

She said, “Oh yeah…I took my son on a Kayak trip to swim with these things in the water…”
ANYTHING one of my wives does that is OUT OF THE ORDINARY daily happenings stops me in my tracks!!!


So so so happy for her!!!  She’s doing it!!! She’s living her life and doing her own thing with her son…and her husband….?Well…she shared with me that he’s still in MLC living in some apartment with a friend/girl while still visiting horseface.

Meanwhile Kris is just going strong! She called because her husband is poking back into her life….!!! YES!!Clearly I knew that was next!!!

When you start living your life – YOUR LIFE! They come around because they aren’t scared you will chop their (blank) off and they can see you are crippled by their stupidity and you aren’t mad at them.

So proud of Kris. Kris was feeling pretty open to anything since she’s a teacher and has lots of time on her hands….specially since the hubby is gone, her son and her have extra time… and well…why not do Kayak right?

So she meets up with people on the Kayak Georgia group.
WOW!! What a difference her life has been!

Kris has shared that she has traveled (like in a car, driving 3-6 hours!!!) to Driftwood, camped out with a whole bunch of amazing “accepting” kind people, she has been to many rivers in Georgia, a place called Serene 17 in Augusta and they got to feed wild donkeys and goats on one trip too!!

She also admits she first borrowed a Kayak to see if she even liked it…then she got her own and went from just sitting on top of the Kayak to now whitewater rafting on big rivers!

All in A YEAR!!



And now (of course) the husband is losing interest in Horseface and wanting to see his wife more and more!  AND while she’s so happy to see him, she’s also happy and really busy with their son doing all these adventures on their Kayaks!

FIND your passion – get off the couch and go live your life!!

If you need help – I can dream with you – poke you into action and get you living your best life!!

You husband will be back – believe it!He will return…it’s what you do with this time that really matters!!

I’m here tohelp you and guide you and hold your hand.

Through laughter and tears and just strategy to bring him home!



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