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Wife Letter: Husband Left For Woman

The wife of a husband left her is a hurt person.  Below is a letter... Read More

Marriage Success Story #118; Casey & Monica – When a Wife Makes More

Marriage Success Story #118; Casey and Monica – When a Wife Makes More Money… Casey... Read More

What To Do When Your Husband Leaves

What do you do when your husband leaves? (Besides grabbing him by the throat, yanking... Read More

Warning of Divorce

Warning of Divorce: What you are about to do will be painful and exhausting.  It... Read More

The Perfect Husband

The Perfect Husband? How could you click this and what were you thinking this would... Read More

How Differences Help A Marriage

The Differences in Marriage are the reasons you came together…they are also the reasons you... Read More

Husband Having Affair? What Not To Do.

Is your husband having an affair?  Here’s what NOT to do. After my husband had... Read More

What to Do When He Wants to Leave

What to do when He Wants to Leave is a list made up from girls... Read More

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