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“Something totally unexpected happened after the church service yesterday. I was standing with xxx, and some random man came up to me and told me what a great father I am. He said that from across the room it was clearly evident the love that I have for my children and how much they love me. It was also a little awkward for him to be saying that to me right in front of xxx… On Mother’s Day! Thank you!”
PJ Morgan – Seattle

I watch your videos a lot! You are the only person who gives me hope in this crazy situation. Every time I feel like giving in, I watch a video. And Feel better! Thank you for the wake up call! I need to be a better wife and less of a mother (which he wouldn’t need if his own mother had actually been a mother). Thank you thank you thank you! .
DBK – Chicago

Hello Laurie, I read the response you wrote for his Aunt. That is soooooo good. I definitely want to keep communication open and You said everything I wanted to say so perfect! Thanks you for all you do for me and others. .
V – do I have to tell you where I’m from?

Hi.  Yes he’s home and we had an amazing day together yesterday. Your videos, emails, and texts helped me through an extremely difficult month and I’m SO grateful for your wisdom.  It could have gone the other way for sure.  I have so much to learn still!
Melodie – Knottsville

Thank you for your time yesterday, i feel being recharged after talking to you and heard some advises from you. Thanks again. 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Cynthia – Irvine

I’m so grateful to have found you. You have such a calm, comforting and sassy way about you. I felt you become a very good friend to me almost instantly. Thank you. I hope one day our paths will cross in person.
Rachel PV

Just wanted to say you are the best. Thank you for all of your videos and tips! My husband texted with me today and at one point he said he’s going to put back the money he hid from me. And I responded how I thought you would tell me to respond. And it worked!!! Thank you for making me realize where I needed to work on myself!
Becky – Sacramento

God gave you a gift that you shared with me. Others have no idea what they are missing. So many husbands owe you for helping hold their families together!! Thank you.
Marcy – Cleveland

I was at a store today and noticed that the cashier’s hair was pretty. And I thought of you saying that we should be kind to people and say and so nice things every day. So I told her I love her hair and asked if it was naturally curly. She said, “Wow. Yes. Thank you! You just made my day. I didn’t have a chance to do my hair today and was feeling self conscious about it. But thank you so much!” ❤️ And it’s something so easy and something I should know how to do. But I heard your voice reminding me to be kind. And her being happy made my night! So win win!.
Jess – CA

I’m so glad I found you. You are an angel and the only one who really truly understands unconditionally ❤️. Your videos are just the best! Thank you for creating them for us because I’d be calling you every day otherwise.
Stacie D. – Michigan

You are the first woman I sent flowers to. Thank you.I get it now.
Devon – Florida

“Hi Laurie!   I just wanted to reach out and give you an update and thank you again for your texts, phone calls, and videos that helped me through some dark days.   Jxxx has been HOME, sleeping in OUR bed, for about a month now.  I have been consistently applying your skills. This journey is certainly not finished, but he is home & has been helping more with the kids and has been really helping!  I thank him a lot, and he even thanked me the other day – which is/was HUGE!  So basically, what you teach IS working, and I feel pretty good and transformed and amazing most of the time.  I do feel a bit sorry for myself once in a while, when I long for a proclamation from John of his undying love, commitment, and respect and apology, but I know that will come someday, and even if not, I know my own worth.   Thanks again Laurie.  Thanks again for your time and listening ear when I was really needing it.   xoxoxoxoxo

“Just want to say our session helped me tremendously!!! Mostly to solidify I have a lot to offer and him leaving was not my fault, but you opened my eyes that I was not building him up in our marriage. I signed up for the videos and they are amazing! My perspective has changed, and the few interactions wehad via text just this weekend turned into a 20 minute conversation!! Then last night at his apartment, when I picked up my son, I just let him talk and he kept sharing and sharing. When my son and I left he had a disappointed look on his face (like he wished we weren’t leaving). I don’t know what is to come but I feel empowered and know that no matter the outcome I’m gonna be okay.”
Ashley – East Coast

I need to talk to wives reading this!! You need to Listen to Laurie!!  Seriously!!  Watch her videos over and over and let the content really sink in!  Her videos impart relationship advice and wisdom that is crucial, yet not common knowledge.  If you find yourself in a difficult situation such as a spouse’s mid-life crisis, you need a wise teacher who has been through what you are going through!    Friends and family are often well-meaning and want to help, but if you want to save your marriage you should listen to what Laurie has to say.  I turned to her during a critical time in my marriage when my husband was taking space (yet again!)  My usual reaction would have been anger and anxiety, but Laurie’s short, concise, and funny videos told me exactly what I need to hear and stopped me from taking actions that would have only made things worse.  On days when I found myself spiraling downwards into habitual thoughts, Laurie’s texting service literally saved me!  Seriously, she knows what she is talking about and I recommend her videos wholeheartedly!  Thanks Laurie!!!!    
Forever Grateful to you Laurie! Love, Nancy

I never believed in angels….till I started talking to you…you are an angel.My angel.
May Selmik – Florida

This job you have helping us wives? I think about the stuff you deal with all day every day of us women not knowing how to act. I’m so glad I found you! I have an acquaintance I talk to who is also going through messy stuff: separation, divorce, Horseface. She’s in year two and just doesn’t understand and hasn’t changed at all. And from here I can see that I’ve come such a long way…… when comparing myself to her or others. Wow. Although I know I can always be so much better!
Jenny J

Priceless.That’s what you have been to me. I don’t know if I’d still be here without you.
AWC – Australia

I couldn’t even function when he left and now I have a plan. God bless you and Thank you.
Stacy S – Indiana

Laurie, things have been going really great over here. The Wife and I are back under one roof, talking a lot, praying together daily…still a lot to unpack, but I know I never could have gotten here if God didn’t put you in my life. “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to come close to how grateful I am for what you did for me ….What you did for our marriage and our family! I’m flying down to LA next week to have a chat with my parents…need to clearly let them know where things stand and set some ground rules going forward. I want to find you and give you a huge hug!
Anderson – WA

Hi Laurie, hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to send a quick note because I was super discouraged this morning, feeling very alone trying to care for all the things my husband used to help me with, and I decided to just listen to your videos and let them auto play one right after the other until I felt better. I have to say I feel like we are kindred spirits, the way you describe how you feel, both good and bad, and your mistakes along the way, I echo them entirely.. and they make me laugh when I feel like crying. So anyway, thanks for the videos, know how much of a far reaching impact they’re having, and keep them coming! ❤
RM- New Jersey

Thank you so much for all your strength and wisdom…I don’t know what I would have done without your videos. I had days where I would steal away to binge on an hour or so of them…

Reading surrendered wife recently has helped a lot as well… I’m sure you’ve heard of Laura Doyle. Similar concepts to you.

I read The Universe Has Your Back as well… all of it… I’m a changed person. I couldn’t seem to get my hands on the The Queens Code for whatever reason yet, but I imagine it’s similar to Laura Doyle’s stuff. I’ll get there eventually. I’ve been such a good student and so determined… my husband is a good guy-he’s just so so so so lost when he comes back… I’m so excited to show him the new better version of myself. I was doing so many things wrong without even realizing. I thought I was helping, etc…  no self care what so ever (now I’m afflicted to myself :)! In a healthy way of course!)

Anyway… I’m not a success story yet, but I will be and you, YOU, YOU are who got me through 🙂

I love you from afar for that 🥰
I apologize for the scattered message… 3 kids running around and through my legs at all times.
LZ. Atlanta

My idiot, MLCrising, Unemployed husband who is on the other end of the state for reasons I don’t know why on our wedding anniversary just sent me flowers. I cried at work. 🙂
ML – Idaho

YES! Pretty big breakthrough! Feeling empowered and great and glad! Wasn’t expecting it so soon! Happy for my daughters.He seems more “normal” but I’m not kidding myself. I understand from you.Thank you so much. I’m thinking of writing a follow-up letter will you help when you’re available? Oh and on the fun front, my daughter and I are attending bar tending school next weekend!
S – Sacramento, CA

I’m trying !! Thank you for helping me navigate this, God sent me an angel in you ❤
Tina. UK

You helped me stop hating him after he left and just accept and see my husband for who he is.And you were right.Everything you said was right.He’s back and things are different, way better.Thanks for helping me see what I didn’t see was already right there.It’s actually changed the way I see everything.
Wendy – NYC.

Do you remember what an angry *itch I was that first day we talked? Who was I back then? I’m embarrassed.I can honestly admit I’ve come a long, long way. (I never would have been able to say or write that before) And it’s all your fault!!Thank you!
Ida W – Washington.

I just want to let you know what an awesome help your text messages have been to me. I followed all your advice and my husband has finally made the turn.He has gotten rid of the other person, he wants to come home, he wants to fix things, your advice was spot-on.Everything you said turned out.I would love to leave you a positive review as you made me understand this wasn’t about me!!I will admit, all your advice, it’s really hard to do. But if you stick with it, it does work. So thank you. People like you are an angel on the plant.
Melissa N. – Missouri

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