The MidLife Crisis Best Help Books & Movies List

Below is The MOST on-going GREATEST LIST of MLC (Midlife Crisis) Support of Movies, TV Shows, and Things you need to do during a Husband or Wife, Son or Daughter, Sister, Brother, Cousin or Friend’s Midlife Crisis.

Some of the below may have two links. One for the item/book and one for a video on why I want you to watch it. Your time is precious – I will not lead you to waste it. Quite the opposite. I want you to KNOW everything quick!! Because I wanted that when I was where you were! xo

Also, if you have any other “things” I need to Add here?
Send it to me! I will keep these lists going and going and going!

As always if you have any other “things” I need to Add here? Send it to me!


Sex on the First Date: A Story of a Broken Beginning to a Radically Transformed Marriage: This is proof. A couple’s story. They start out crappy and hell breaks loose.  They facing infidelity and other dark secrets,
Why Read? You want hope and healing and the truth? This is for you!

Never Split The Difference: A former international hostage negotiator for the FBI offers a new field-tested approach to high-stakes negotiations – whether in the boardroom or at home.
Why Read? Because you want to know how to communicate like a Genius.

The Bait of Satan:   True book exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God–offense.
Why Read? It will change your life.

The Diary of an American Exorcist:  True store of Exorcist Msgr. Stephen Rossetti and a very active caseload of demonic possessions, and in each case two vivid lessons consistently emerge.
Why Read?  Truly amazing.

An Exorcist Tells His Story:  Fr Amorth, renowned exorcist of Rome, tells of his many experiences in his ministry as an exorcist doing battle with Satan to relieve the great suffering of people in the grip of evil.
Why Read?  Learn truth of the eyes.

Man’s Search for Meaning: True Story of how Doctor Viktor E. Frankl survived the Holocaust and wrote this novel about losing everything. Everything was stolen from him: family, friends, job, money, yet no one can steal your hope.  
**Great book to suggest to him AFTER he comes home!

Yes to Life, In Spite of Everything: Viktor E. Frankl– First time published in English. Frankl’s words – now after coronavirus pandemic, social isolation, and our crazy uncertain world – just like in 1946. He says “Live as if you were living for the second time,” and that every crisis contains opportunity. Despite the unspeakable horrors of the camps, Frankl learned strength from fellow inmates that it is always possible to “Say YES to Life”—A magical, profound and timeless lesson for us all.
**Great book to suggest to him AFTER he comes home!


FireProof:  Wife cheats, husband grows. Incredible story.
Why Watch?  You will learn so much.

The Blind:  True Story. Way before Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) became famous he had long-time demons brewing inside that he had to destroy. 
Why Watch? Incredible! MLC in action.  Crazy.  Also my dear friend who lives 3 blocks from me just told me her son is in the film!! He plays the main character when he was a kid. She told me she was out of town a few years ago, but she never said why.  In fact when she heard I knew and loved the film, she was confused. I guess I can’t be mad at her for not telling me about her son, when I don’t tell her what I do when I work 80 hours a week!

War Room: Religious Story of a woman struggle to maintain her hope for her husband who is cheating.

Elf:  Oh man, oh man.  If you are on my videos you know the lessons I teach from this movie!  SO much to learn!! Live like Elf!
Why Watch?  Trust me.

Scrooge:  Yes, we’ve seen this movie 10,000 times, but this one is real and impactful. Plus it has characters you like. I like how the 3 ghosts help him change.  That’s what we want for your man.
Why Watch?  Watch “Hope” in 2 hours that people do change.

The Family Man: CHRISTMAS MOVIE With Nicholas Cage.
Why Watch it? It’s one of my favorites. GOLD!!! 

A Family Man: REGULAR MOVIE. About a headhunter who has to choose between his family and his sick kid.
Why Watch?

The Founder:
Michael Keaton stars in the True Story of How McDonalds found success.
Why Watch? Watch the first wife, Laura Dern. Study her mistakes when he gets “dreamy” of his future. Do not do that!

Spielberg (2017):  Director Steven Spielberg’s mom “played” with Steven’s Dad’s best friend and went through an MLC?  Years later he learns his Dad took the fall for his mom. And that’s when I shout: HERO! Today she reflects back on her poor selfish decision and is now with Stevens dad. Always a big fan of his movies and I love true stories, I now love Steven Spielberg even more knowing he had such an incredible dad. See the Drama story in The Fableman’s.
Why Watch? See how not to behave as a parent.

The Boy In the Stripped Pajamas:

Miracles from Heaven:  True Story. If you know where we are going….
Why Watch?  When we believe…we don’t take anything for granted! 

Heaven is For Real: True Story. They made a book and a movie. And the kid was on Oprah. AND the photo of Jesus they saw is on my desk and the story of that Jesus & why the photo matters is here.
Why Watch?  You will believe in life after death.  And if you believe and know where you are going, this short life her starts to look easier to handle!

Courageous:  Not going to give you details. A whole bunch of families and life to love and learn.
Why Watch?  There are things that happen when you have a community on your team.

The Sounds of Freedom:
Part of the Angel Network.  True story of a father who helps another family. **Watch this when he comes home.
Why Watch?  To see how it works when ONE person takes on something no one else believes is possible!!  That’s YOU!

I See You: Oh wow. Helen Hunt and a crazy story line. Not what you expect at all. But the movie starts about an affair and you have NO idea.  
Why Watch?  It’s a good movie with a twist you won’t expect about love and marriage. Plus it is something you can watch with the hubby and kids and they will have no clue!

The Son:  Huge Jackman is a terrible dad and this is what happens when you leave your wife and pick up another girl.
Why Watch:  Lessons learned.

Maybe I Do:  Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and 4 more celebs in a movie about cheating and lies.
Why Watch?  Marriage at its rocky parts and the stupid things couples do. Plus sit is Fun and Interesting. Watch it with him! All good!

Terms Of Endearment:
Incredible story of choices.  Watch the relationships. And see where their choices take them.
Why Watch? There is a scene when Shirley MacLaine is in the hospital with her sick daughter. She comes out pouring and yelling, ‘My daughter needs her shot!!!” That’s you in fighting for your family. We ALL need an advocate.  Let you be that advocate for every one you know.  If you don’t – who will?


more coming….help me?



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