TheWifeExpert Podcast: How To Talk To A Man & Feel Heard

Welcome Sue Shepard!! Therapist and author of “How to Talk to a Man and Feel Heard, 9 Mistakes Women Need to Avoid”

After a wife I was coaching suggested I talk to her or interview her, and since I liked the book, I was game!  When I looked her up on Goggle, I was shocked at how easy it was to connect with her!  I LOVE THAT!!!  Don’t you hate trying to find some one and there are no numbers or contact info?  It’s a game. And they lose out because you were THAT close in connecting or offering them an opportunity and now they can’t have it cause they are so hard to find!

Celebrities do that to themselves.  They have so many “people” aka “blockers” that get in the way of opportunities they will never see!  Maybe they don’t care!?  

I do! Sue does too! LOVE people like her!  She’s out there to be seen and be heard and she has a ton to say! 

I had an excellent time interviewing Sue!

Buy her book and listen in to the podcast!  And subscribe to my channel!!!


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