Understanding Midlife Crisis from Her View

I love when my wives (that I coach) send me information to share with others! Just love it!!

Recently I was given a link to a page that has had me inspired and aghast. Inside this one page is a treasure trove of understanding.

A piece by piece, play by play, line by line, delicious word after delicious explanation ….DATA. Experience. Real. Truth.

How do I insert singing angels here?


Read the below…savor the below….share the below….

Midlife Crisis is baffling and the more we understand what his happening to our spouse, the more we can take pause and be our best selves. Because this is not our fault.

My own husband has been though and has little he remembers of his time during MLC. Odd when it was the worst time in my life…he can’t remember…?

Read my dear readers….enjoy…


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