Vengeance is Mine…Says The Lord. Listen to David.

It was Sunday and my husband had just made coffee and was headed to the couch.

I had just gotten off the phone with a wife who needed me that early morning.

After I attended to her needs, I hung up in time to catch the couch-bound-husband with a, “Hey! What time are we going to church today….9:30am or 11am?”

His face looked tired and he made a moan, “Ummm….maybe we just watch Joel Olsten today?”

“Okay,” I said hopeful as I know if I can’t get him to GO to mass, watching a sermon together on TV is sometimes just as good!

As I grabbed a blanket, he nestled into his usual spot and turned on the TV.

Instantly, there on the screen, some random channel, was this large man wearing a suit, looking strong and pastorally. We both stopped and just listened for a moment. Also on the screen were the words “VENGEANCE.”

Holding back my gasp, I stayed still. I didn’t move. Then, just as I could feel my husband looking for the button to change the channel, just as I could sense he was about to click over, I said, “Hey, this looks good…can we watch this for a moment?”

He looked up at the screen and said, “Sure…”

I was thrilled.

David Jeremiah is the Pastor I saw. I’d never seen him up until this morning and this is the FIRST thing that showed up on my screen???

AND How was it that we were on the couch about to watch a show that had the words VENGEANCE on the title????

Hello!!!???? God wanted me to post this here so you can listen.

Vengeance is what I talk about all day long with many wives and husbands. Well it’s more in common word terms as in “getting even” for the wrongs they have face. Standing up and squishing evil as it arose in their family.

But no….we can’t. It’s not our place. God does that.

Vengeance is mine.

That’s what God says. He says “let me do that the yucky hurtful “getting even” stuff” so then you can take the back seat and let him handle our cheating man. Then you can be FREE from punishing him!!

I will say it was so much better seeing him live and his face. However, this is still good…it’s kind of boring till 3 mins and 30 seconds in when he starts to tell the story of two men. A rich Kind and a poor farmer.

GREAT story. Horrid wife. Don’t be that wife. Be better!

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