Watch Diary of a Mad Black Woman MLC Movie

Holy Shit.

I haven’t had time for a full movie in years. While cooking the other day I turned the TV on for background noise and when I heard the chitter chatter of a woman talking about “cheating…” I listened a little closer.

Then I saw this Madea character (Tyler Perry plays) as a “woman” and thought, “ohhhh…yuck….this is a comedy???” I never found Tyler Perry that funny in the past and his movies with this character were always annoying to me.

But my hands were covered in Chicken juice and no one was home to find the remote and turn the channel for me, so I left it on. Plus I was suddenly way into the movie and quite curious to see how anyone on the planet could make “cheating” and that over-the-top Madea lady, that Tyler Perry played, funny???

I had to see this. I was hooked. Then a few things happened and I had to stop watching. I made one of my kids hit record and the night went on and I forgot all about this show.

Several days went by and I’ll be honest, I never thought about it again. But since I saved it, tonight when I was clicked into our DVR…there it was!!


Now I was more determined. What the heck was this film about?

I backed it up a bit cause now I was focused w/o wet chicken hands and watched…and watched…and watched.

Without telling you the end, or the middle or even the beginning – this movie was EXCELLENT!!!! Yes!!! You are going to have to trust me and WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

Like NOW!!! Or TODAY!

It’s not a film about “MLC” but it IS about a cheating scenario that I was sure would go a different way and I was so so wrong. Movies don’t end up doing the right thing. But this one did!!! And it was Mr Tyler Perry who did it because he wrote the thing and played not one but THREE of the characters in the film.

I was blown away. Truly. I just finished it a few moments ago and ran for my computer to type this up.

Actually, I was so impressed I decided this very evening that I need to find Mr Tyler Perry and interview him to see what inspired him to do this film. Or play! Did you know he did a play first?? And this was his adaptation of his own play!


Don’t let the cover fool you – this is fantastic!!

Watch it Ladies!

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