What a Midlife Crisis Man Thinks

midlife crisis mindWhat a Midlife Crisis Man Thinks is not what he is on the outside.

NO ONE knows what is going on inside anyone’s mind. Ever.  Even if we ask – we could get a bunch of made up stuff anyway.

Our minds work 24/7.  Just try and sit down and think of nothing. Try.  Very hard.

Now – imagine a man walking around life knowing what he has done to others? Hurt his wife, his kids, his family?  He can’t possibly even try to think about these things because to do so, will leave him in a ball of tears.  So he shuts off the mind to be able to act like the photo above.  Happy, fun, possibly with a new person.

But Inside?

But inside…he’s not so happy.  You can see from that photo. The real guy is in there.  Sad. Depressed. Completely separate from his inner thoughts. See the below to learn about all Limieric

What about you?

What’s going on in YOUR mind?

Do you tell everyone what you are thinking?  Or do you just hide your feelings?

Imagine how he feels?

The 5-part video clips below are helpful in understanding what is giong on inside the brain of your husband.

The man speaking, Dr Joe Beam is a man who had a midlife crisis and came home.  He is a great example of what happens to a man when this hits and how they feel.

Dr Joe did return home to his wife.  So believe this is possible.






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