What Is Calling?

How To Schedule a Call:

1) Email Me: TheWifeExpert@gmail.com (or text me on my cell phone if you’ve already had a call!)
2) Type In Subject line:  “Call” or “911” 
3) Add your time zone & when you are available.


Choose the Type of Call:

A) Regular HOUR: $130.
(Video members have option to pay for an hour and break up the time how they need!)

B) Me&U Program: $450
4 hours/4 weeks at 60 Mins a call (Just Me & You!) 

C) Me&Ux4 Group:  $250
4 wives/4 weeks at 90 Minutes:  (I coach as you listen & learn personal stories & become allies together!) 

D) QUICKIE: $39 
(Video Members only)
Questions/problems answered in quick 10-15 min call!

What To Expect on a Call with Me?

a) Advice!
b) Suppor!.
c) Solutions!
d) Answers!!! 
e) Acceptance, Understanding and then direct instructions of what to do, think, and say.
g) All calls are with me! Your biggest fan & teammate! ❤️❤️
h) Oh and you may laugh a bit too!


I Am Here for You…

I went through this and I promised God if he helped me figure this out and bring my own husband home, I would employ myself to help women around the world bring their own family back together.  

He came home….so here I am.

I work for you.  And I am 100% committed to helping you get that man or woman back home so that your marriage and family grow to be stronger than before.  Your family is so important to me, because I’ve been where you are and I know how horrible that pain feels and I have seen the endless pain that keeps spreading in families in generations.  

You have the power to change your entire family.  Forever!  


All by yourself!  
(I just help you fly!)