What Is Texting?



Yes….texting is my favorite! For YOU!!! Imagine having me available in your EAR – or well…on your phone all day?

Let’s Define “Texting”:

  1. Access to Me. Yes. Direct texting to me (and only me) right to my personal cell phone. The access is 24/7, however I don’t respond when I’m on a call with another wife, or on Sundays (but I do sometimes), or at night, or when I’m sleeping (sometimes I respond at 2am if I’m up having to pee!)

What You Get:

a) Written responses so you learn how to talk to him in MLC so he hears you and connects back to you.
b) Consistent confidence that you are okay and doing the right thing.
c) Motivation to keep going.
d) Support when you want to lash out.
e) Advice & solutions on how to solve situations.
d) Apologies (Quick Text ones) to stop the block and keephat to stop the blocks solve an issue or problem making it simply go away.
e) Answers to strange, weird questions or thoughts.

Benefits of Texting

a) You feel good.
b) He feels good.
c) He hears you.
d) He sees your changes.
e) See how Ego & Pride play havoc and know how to stop it.
f) You understand how “words” can work in your favor or hurt you.
g) You understand how to form a quick apology and its effects.
f) It calms the anxiety.
g) You make him feel like he is in control.

How to Get Texting:

Texting Per Day:
Send 35$ to my email at PayPal then text me at 310 – 374 – 7777. (or if you don’t have PayPal – text me for other options and I will send.)
Texting per Day goes for 24 hours.

Texting Per Month:
If you want texting for a month…text me for a price. It’s cheaper when you are on my video program because you KNOW everything I teach and texting is just way more effective.
So join the videos before you sign up to do the monthly texting!

Things To Know

Yes, I do work 24/7.

Hurt people Hurt People. And then hurt continues….and divides and spreads. I’m here to stop the hurt. With you…with your kids…with your hubby. I’m motivated to get your family back together. Because Good trumps evil. And I want more good in this world.

I believe it only takes ONE person to change the dynamic in a relationship

Each of you can get your hubby back. It’s all up to you! This is your game. All of it! You are in control of you. Period. And when you get this way of thinking, letting go of control, of controlling your world, life gets softer and you end up surrounded by compassion and understanding.

However it’s up to you. YOU. And I believe if you got this far…you got to this page…you have it in you…to bring your family back together.

Whether it’s just the two of you…with kids, or without kids, or if you just have a dang turtle.

This is all up to you!

Let’s do this!

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