What Is Texting?


Texting (Best Option Ever!!)

How texting works: 

Imagine your husband sending you something and you don’t know how to respond?Take a screenshot and send it to me! If it’s complicated go ahead and write a response that you would normally say and then I look at the conversation, and either tweak your text or write a new one to him so that he feels understood. Texting brings couples together faster than anything else!! Because he’s left by himself just to read your text and basically assume it’s you! And what I want you to do is look at what you wrote and then look at what I wrote and see the difference. I’m a coach! This is coaching!  You will see the difference so that you know how to do talk to him so he listens and stays open!

Texting does have other benefits….

What Do I Get From “Texting”?

a) Access to me 24/7. My personal cell phone. Yes!!  You will text with me directly!!   

b) “Texting” allows me to write texts to him from you so that they bring you together on the same page.  All you do is screen shot what he just texted to you and send it to me. I write the response.  

c) “Texting” allows us to communicate so I can help you stay calm and stay straight on those dark days.  

This is hard yucky stuff.  Painful.  Crappy.  I know because I’ve been there.  I created this “Texting” option because I want to help you closely.  And honestly, I wished I had someone do that for me back in 2013 & 2014!  I told God, “if I make it though this alive, I’d create a program for wives who need it!” 

Well…God helped me and my family…and I’m good on my promises!  

Now I’m helping you!


Types of Texting?

a) Day Texting:  Need texting for just a text or two?  or to talk for a bit to change your attitude from yuck to SOARING?  Then USE me!!!  It’s also great for when he texts you or your mother-in-law says something or does something or anyone says or does something that needs a response or an action and you are in a pickle and don’t know what to do????  USE ME!!!!  

b) QUICKIE – 15 minute call:  Instead of texting, we can do a QUICKIE call!  It’s great to do this when you need a quick answer to something simple and quick and don’t want a full call and texting is just not what you feel will help you.  

c) QUICKIE – VOICEMAIL:  Sometimes, you don’t want texting.  You don’t want to talk to me.   You just want me to call your voicemail and leave my voice answer to a question or maybe just motivate you on something so that it’s ON your voicemail FOREVER.  Then you can access it anytime you want!  It’s okay to want to hear my voice and know you are doing the right thing.  

d) Weekly Texting:  for 7 days.  Great for vacation or events where you know you’ll be texting him often.  ($150 a week)

e) Monthly Texting: for 30 days.  You have access to me every day, all day!  Great for Constant communication when you are with him often and need help navigating the texts and conversations that happen out of the blue. We are together. I’m in your pocket.  You learn fast!  ($400 for a full month!  24/7!). I have wives that text me from dark closets!  Go ahead – Use me!  


How Do I Get Texting?

  1. Email me:  “Need Day Texting” or “Need Month Texting” and we can set it up. 
  2. For regulars:  Send payment and start Texting my cell phone as soon as you know you’ll need me!  I respond right away or within a few hours.  (Don’t worry, if your hubby has to wait a few minutes for a response from you…that’s OK.)

Keep in mind I do not text back during other calls or when I am with my family.  


Benefits of Texting?

a) You feel good – Direct Support.
b) He feels good – He starts to connect back to you…and that’s where love grows!
c) Immediate Play by play advice as it unfolds in real life!
d) He sees you change and is attracted back to you.
e) You clearly know how “words” work in your favor.


I am here….

I have made this site for YOU. I do this for YOU.  

And I do work 24/7.



Hurt people Hurt People. And then hurt continues….and divides and spreads. I’m here to stop the hurt. With you…with your kids…with your hubby. I’m motivated to get your family back together. Because Good trumps evil. And I want more good in this world.

I believe it only takes ONE person to change the dynamic in a relationship

Each of you can get your hubby back. It’s all up to you! This is your game. All of it! You are in control of you. Period. And when you understand this way of thinking, letting go of control, of controlling your world, life gets calmer and you end up surrounded by compassion and understanding.

However it’s up to you. YOU. And I believe if you got this far…you got to this page…you have it in you…to bring your family back together.

Whether it’s just the two of you…with kids, or without kids, or if you just have a dang turtle.

This is all up to you!

Do Not Give Up!