What Karma Does To MLC Mistress Affair Partner

“Stay Straight!”

That’s what I tell the girls I closely coach as we slowly navigate their baffling interactions with their MLC husband.

My push is always, “Stay straight, let him squiggle, let him be….keep your Karma positive…no bad talk…no evil…no mean or cruel behavior. Even though we want to! Even though it would feel SOOO good to squish Horseface (that’s the name I made up for the “female affair partner”) or hurt her or sabotage her. The truth is, when you do unkind things to a person, I truly believe, somehow, someway, Karma will play it’s ugly card and similar happenings will happen to you.

Not today, not tomorrow, but one day. One day Karma will get even and you, hurt and distraught won’t have to do a thing. If you stay straight and kind and do the right thing, your life will indeed turn out really well. Even if you are sitting without the man you love, who hurt you so bad, I truly feel, in the end, you will have won. Because the only choice you have is to pick up the pieces, become the best you that you can and step forward into your straight line…to greatness!!!

Not said for him.

Or horseface. Specially if Horseface intentionally played a card to take your wavering, sad, depressed husband away from you.

Hello Karma.

So. Today I received a text from a wife I adore, (Of course I adore ALL of you!!) (and I pray for you each night!!) let’s call her “Jamie”.

A bit of back story? Horseface was friends with our friend/wife “Jamie.” And over time using personal information Jamie shared with horseface, horseface used this to connect to Jamies husband. And Jamie’s husband jumped.

Now she sits where you do. Her hubby has been off with Horseface for a while now. Until recently.

Today, Jamie shared with me – and well I’d repeat it my own way but it’s much better if I share her words, which she approved I could do so.

I wanted to share with you so you can share with others to give them hope! When men are having affair, they think their affair partner is so fantastic. She brings no drama and everything is so wonderful and perfect?! Right?? BUT, eventually, as your videos so clearly say, these affair women, they do have shit too! They aren’t perfect!! And EVENTUALLY it comes out!
My husband had told me over and over how “Easy going his affair partner is…” and “How everything is always just so easy with her…” Blah..blah…blah! Well, I have prayed every single day and night for God to show my husband the real person she is. And let her true self shine through. Now, look what happened last Friday!!

While my “wife” (isn’t it funny that I call the girls/wives I coach “my wife“???? HA…I think that’s funny!) Anyway….tonight…while “My wife” is struggling and praying for her husband’s return and restoration, she has shared a big hunk of her life and story with you. Please understand men make up how great and awesome their affair partners are to push you and make you feel bad. On purpose. Because they want to believe it and want you to know what they want from you. It’s a horrible way to go around getting what ‘they” want, but it is the only way they can deal and justify with their position and what they did.

Also – and this a favor to me – please send this awesome wife and her family love and prayers (like we do for all of the wives who are in this horrible place.

It’s a hard road girls, but you are in the right place here!! And you are NOT alone. I forever am on your side and will not give up on pushing you to be the best you that you can be.



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