Why Cheating is a Bad idea

No thing and no fling is worth losing the respect of your children.

Did you read that?

Read it again.

No thing. No Fling is worth losing the respect of your children.

What does that mean?

That means if you cheat on your spouse – you kids will find out and no matter how much you justify
My wife is a bitch.
I have to leave my wife.
I love her but I’m not IN LOVE with her.
I’ve never loved you…


None of it matters.

You promised you would be there till death and you are still alive. You, the cheating spouse is walking and talking and created a family, kids and all (maybe even a dog or a turtle) and now you have changed your mind?


For some “less than” person?? They are NEVER better. You may “think” that they are for right now.

However….give it a few months or a year and very soon you will begin to see the REAL horserace as a human:

-she’s not perfect.
-she poops, burps and smells bad when she doesn’t shower.
-she has a past.
-she doesn’t really like all the stuff you did – she just said that she did so you would like her more.
-she cheats on people. She knew you had a “spouse” and she didn’t care….so that means…later…she will do the same thing again.

Get it?

She sucks.

He sucks – although you are married to him and if you want him back…you must do as I recommend.

Each man is difference.

I have a few wives who are married to a compulsive cheater. He is NOT in MLC. Pray for these women. Their life is way harder than yours as he will be doing this over and over and over…forever…or till he’s too old to get it up or care. That’s a long time.

Cheaters are sick, sad people who never learned how to love. They may not even know they don’t know. That’s the worst part because you can’t tell them or show them. (They would never listen to you and if you start attempting to teach them, they declare you as a bitch…) then where are you??? So don’t bother.

Just worry about yourself. Either way – you come out knowing you better!

Want to know if he’s a cheater or a MLC?

Reach out to me and we will figure it out!


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