Why She Left Him…

Why She left him…no one really knows.  Neither does she.

There wasn’t another man.

women who run awayMany times when women leave, there isn’t a man, just a pulsating need to get away, to be free from the life or entrapment they are living now or die.

And they don’t want to die.

So they leave.

Sometimes quietly…sometimes angry and running and throwing things.

But they leave.  They don’t have a plan or a thought, they just run.

Because when you feel trapped, thats all you can do. Escape and run.

They don’t think about their kids…or their friends, if they even shared this with anyone, they just go.

run away wifeI’ve seen many women run.  And at the end of their running, they are still unsettled.  Still feeling empty and helpless.  Because they didn’t solve the problem.  Leaving the problems just delays the problem.  Facing the problem, finding solutions and solving the problem (if possible) moves you to a new place faster.

Running from problems just delays the problems.  And at one point when you running from fears or worries or a life that doesn’t seem pleasing, you will hurt more people than you help.

I have wanted to run.  Leave. Get out of this home, the boring rut, the day to day things I do that no one appreciates it.  Mental insanity?  Crazy for a few minutes?  Maybe…  Maybe not.  But I didn’t leave.  Because I couldn’t.  Because when I looked at it from my husband’s point of view as well as my children’s point of view…all they could see was that mom is selfish. She abandoned us.  I’d abandon my husband and my kids.  And that what they would see and remember about me.  And when I thought about it from their point of view, my idea was plain insanity.  Selfish.  There was no way in hell I could disappear from their lives and leave them all.  No matter how bad it was or how bad I perceived it was, I cared about what they thought about me leaving so much that I didn’t go.

I stayed.

So if you are thinking of leaving or running…sit down and think about everyone you know who would be affected with you leaving and maybe, just maybe you will change your mind.

I did.

Maybe you can too.

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