These are THE Best Books I like For a Wife of Husband Having MLC MidLife Crisis.  I have personally read all of the below and recommend them to anyone having a MidLife Crisis or living with someone having a Midlife Crisis.

Here is the deal, when your husband is gone, it sucks.  Period.  There is very little comfort offered anywhere to soothe your panic as you move through the space you once used to share with that great guy who is just…gone.  The most comfort I ever received during my time while my husband was not living with us, was snuggling into bed with a book written by someone who had been through my pain and not only survived…they got their husband back.  I longed for stories of happy endings and became obsessed with finding them to devour one by one.

Below lists all the books I read that got me through those two years…and still help me when I need to refresh or reread something I had read those years ago.  What I truly love is that every author has their own personal experiences and information they are sharing that just may resonate with you.  Meaning you may read something and scream, “YEAH!!! That’s me!!!  That’s what I will do to solve this!!”

Some books may hit a mark, others only part of the book will hit.  I encourage you to read and learn and be open to changing anything you are doing now.  Life is a journey. We are not perfect and can all learn more about how to be the best partner and human we can be!

The books below are only a few of the books I’ve read…I’m adding more as I have time because I want to be detailed so you get the book you personally need.  Also – if you click the link I have here – it will take you directly to Amazon where you can buy the book immediately.  In doing so, I get a few pennies for directing you to Amazon instead of other places…which helps me keep my kids fed and my website going. So I’m eternally grateful for you buying something I have suggested here on my site.  All my recommendations are backed by me and given with love and care.

A Fierce Love: One Woman’s Courageous Journey to Save Her Marriage :An amazing story of love and following God’s word.  If you go to church and believe there is a God, this will be your second Bible.  This woman is Fierce.  Just like the title.

Broken Heart on Hold: Surviving Separation.  Very little is worse than living in your home without the spouse you love by your side.   Linda Rooks brings peace, love and a sense of calm as she talks of being alone, scared and well…on hold.  God is a big part of this book too! 

The Divorce Remedy: The Proven 7-Step Program for Saving Your Marriage
I loved this book.  I love author Michele Weiner Davis too.  This book is for everyone who does NOT want a divorce.  As Michele says, “At the end of the day, t’s just not worth it.”  She accounts brilliantly proven strategies and steps she’s seen work.  Loved this book.  A must for you if you are even reading these words now.

This isn’t the Story you Think it is:  Laura Mudson wrote this when her hubby was off doing…well…no one knows.  But it was how she made it through those months until he returned.  I followed this book as if my life depended on it.  It was my biggest hope.  After my own husband returned I discovered (much to my bewildered horror) that Laura and her husband did end up getting a divorce years after their reconciliation.  I actually spoke with Laura herself and as much as I prodded to find out the real honest truth of what could have possibly happened, she and her husband decided to keep their details private.  Ugh.  I have no conclusion.  But then again, their marriage was about them.  Not me, the writer with the endless will to know and share.  So if you read this amazing book of hope, please note: it DID work.  For then.  For later?  Well…one day you can read my book!



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