How To Look Sexy For Him For Cheap


Look Sexy For Cheap is not hard!  Men connect with women with their eyes.

If you look good, men notice. Particularly, your husband. If you want him to notice, you need to look good, smell good and act kind.  Do all three and he’ll be wondering what you are doing and why aren’t you doing it with him.

I’ve never been one to dress up or even care what I look like but when it comes to attraction you have to look how you feel.  I know it’s ridiculous.  I too agree that “if I feel good, why can’t I wear my sweats all the time?? Who cares?  And if they do care, they can go take a hike because if you love me, you’ll love me when I look bad too!”

That is all fine and dandy but it doesn’t work like that in the real world where other people are living. So to attract him back.  Look good.  Period.

Below is a magazine I swear by.  If you don’t like to spend money on looking good, this magazine is for you!  And if you throw it out one day because you’re tastes have changed you won’t feel bad because it was not that expensive!  Venus catalog is the bomb.  Get it!  Live it!  Sexy it!


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